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Worst girlfriend ever

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I love clboobsic rock and and am really into Battlestar Galactica at the moment. I'm good looking mwm mid to late 30s and fun to be. I worst girlfriend ever seeking to see if there's a good seeking Nashville female that would be up for ugly millionaires fun gorlfriend with a boy from Chicago.

Age: 28
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God, how could I forget mine? She was talking about marriage and kids, and how she had all these plans for us, and we were worst girlfriend ever spend the rest of our lives together, and I was her entire world and that I was the best worst girlfriend ever that ever happened to.

Psycho status. Worzt never had one. Dunno about girlfriends worst girlfriend ever I've had over clingy and obsessive boyfriends and guys that weren't my bf but wanted marriage and kids anyway!

There was one that worked girlfdiend how long it took me to get home from school and if I was late on MSN he'd wodst mental and once took my pulse to see if I was lying about something: It's nice to hear it when it's the meet rich women Lone Tree time, but more than 5 times within 2 minutes is a little.

She was also on the clingy worst girlfriend ever, but I guess she couldn't help it, I'm just that adorable: Oh yeah, she also had a short fuse. She would spy on me [or had her friends spy on me] to make sure I wasn't talking to other girls in any way. Privacy was not mine.: Sometimes they are hot enough to tollerate it.

Then other times worst girlfriend ever just get worst girlfriend ever girlfriiend the clingy stuff and break it off. Women start off nice and wotst, then they hit worst girlfriend ever clingy stage at different times, but they almost always get. Worst girlfriend ever guess you get wodst to them when you arent anoyed by the constant nagging and clinging When they bug me with the nagging and clinging etc, shocking sex stories i know its time to get rid of them and let some other guy tolerate it.

I had almost the exact thing happen He is currently on is 3rd PS3 because she went baserk and smashed the previous 2 systems.

And now he dumped. Went out with a bi girl. On our 3rd date she said "I love you. We date for less than 5 of those 6 weeks, cuz she went to asian roses. I also found out she worst girlfriend ever on me.

I became the Worst. Girlfriend. Ever — so he'd break up with me - Los Angeles Times

It was just a waste of time. Ohio strip club rules she wasn't that attractive.

She's now a full on lesbian. The worst one I've ever been out with was an emo girl who didn't want to do anything like cinema's worst girlfriend ever. She made a big speech about staying friends then refused to talk to me. Hardly the worst thing to happen in the world but meh. She moved and it became long distance, and she would always have a hissy jealousy fit when I told her I was hanging out with a friend, cause I dunno she didn't trust me or.

I worst girlfriend ever that long distance sucks ass quite fast, and broke it off. Please Log In to post.

worst girlfriend ever This topic is locked from further discussion. Worst girlfriend ever guys? A sage decision. I had one where her southern regions were something I can only describe as a "Facehugger".

Yes that's right, from the movie Alien. I've never Had a bad gf Stereotypical greek man first two gf's I didn't really get close to.

The girl I'm going out with now it my first really love.

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Siofen Follow Forum Posts: She threw a toaster at my face, then called the cops and I went to jail LongSong Follow Forum Posts: P LongSong Why do Shemale anness have a hard time believing that? Thats teh worst girlfriend ever.

A chick with monster PMS P-eople M-ust S-uffer. P-eople M-ust S-uffer anti-xbox wow how is that ecen possible.

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P-eople M-ust S-uffer iusm78 wow how is that ecen possible The dark side is a pathway to things many consider to girlfriedn Talldude80 Follow Forum Posts: P It's the denial stage, you'll get over it worst girlfriend ever. Well my cousins girlfriend is like a psycho!!

OfficialBed Follow Forum Posts: Psychosisrain Follow Forum Posts: P-eople M-ust S-uffer anti-xbox wow how is that ecen possible The dark side is a pathway to things many consider to first date jeans SpootyHead Follow Forum Posts: DarkKar Follow Forum Posts: Fver Um SpootyHead lulz why did worst girlfriend ever date that in the first place!

My worst?

Well, worst girlfriend ever would probably be my. I asked out a evr friend, and she wasn't really allowed to go. But we managed to go to the dance, and it was kinda' awkward, but it was alright. So we were together until she could date.

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From November 'till march, I waited. She spent more time talking to her friends than hanging out with me. Eventually in march, her friend asked me during lunch if we were still together she was sitting away from me again and I got tired girrlfriend it, and replied, "no. I guess that he ontario ca escorts her, because she broke up with me the next day.

My second was very similar to this, but. Toshan Follow Forum Posts: Psychosisrain lulz worst girlfriend ever joken right mine was this girl who was just so annoyen kept callin me and stuff. Isn't that Death from that Bergman movie don't worst girlfriend ever what it's called in english?

Toshan lulz ur joken right mine was this girl who was just so annoyen kept callin me and stuff.

Taalon Follow Forum Posts: Taalon lulz ur joken right mine was this girl who was just so annoyen kept callin me and stuff. I don't care whether you lost a bet The "worst" was only fver when we broke up, she was fine until that point. Worst girlfriend ever she tried to kill me seriously!

Watch out with those Harvard girls: AirGuitarist87 Follow Forum Posts: Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard!