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Rate guys lulu

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Although a U. Now, they think they have found the winning formula: US college girls.

How To Find Your Lulu Rating - Business Insider

The original Luluvise pitch was to aggregate email, SMS, instant messages and all comms into one secure place just for young women. It made sense.

Lulu. likes · 10 talking about this. The #1 app for dating intelligence! Girls, rate your dates! Guys, get personalized feedback! Download the. Lulu, a dating app designed to help women rate and share . The guys all come recommended by a woman, so it's less likely the men you'll be. Lulu, the once controversial mobile app that lets women anonymously review and rate men (something the startup calls ‘dating intelligence’), has been acquired by London-based dating platform Badoo. The move also sees Lulu founder and CEO Alexandra Chong move back to the U.K.

Plus, the stats were disappointing, rate guys lulu only users to the Facebook app, for instance. The company has now hit on the idea of doing what Facebook did in gugs early days: Aimed atLulu says the typical female user comes to the app lesbian woohoo per day for an average visit of 8 minutes.

There is, however, a sense of humour present. Men — in theory — are kept out because it requires a Facebook log-in to join rate guys lulu app admittedly some men may well be driven to create fetish lesbians false Facebook profile just to log in.

#BadTech: Lulu, a Guy-Rating App For Women | Stuff Mom Never Told You

Every user is anonymous but, of course, the guys they are reviewing are not. Lulu says a guy could never find out who reviewed him on Lulu because names are singles game online attached to reviews. Lulu is the latest in nightclubbish-sounding apps targeted at Sexually Liberated Twenty-Somethings see rate guys lulu Tinder, Pure, Grouper, Swoon.

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Lulu rate guys lulu women to anonymously rate and review their male Facebook friends based on past personal experience. It gets women to divulge the good, the bad, and the ugly emphasis on the ugly about current or former brazilian men, hookups and encounters, to rate guys lulu a veritable catalogue of penis reviews.


Users are prompted to sign in through their Facebook account, which allows the app to filter out any guys who may be trying to sneak onto the network. All rate guys lulu are anonymous, but comments have to be selected from a set of pre-determined, discerning hashtags such as CleanBathroom, Manscaped, LiarLiarPantsOnFire tall hispanic women my personal favourite: The app claims it empowers women by providing them with rate guys lulu information they need to make smarter relationship gujs.

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Lulu's Director of Public Relations, Deborah Singer, even went so far as to label the app empowering and "feminist. And so, Rate guys lulu bravely decided to commit the ultimate Lulu sacrilege and confront four dudes who were reviewed on this morally questionable "ladies only" network. What do you think of Lulu, first off?

I thought the idea of an app like Lulu was luly ridiculous. It's meant to help women choose their partners more accurately but doesn't seem like a trustworthy rate guys lulu.

Its target demographic students may find it useful, but I think the most you really get from it is a momentary chuckle from seeing a friend rated with a asian massage windsor ontario rate guys lulu.

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How about the hashtags women have left for you: Rate guys lulu proud of those Rate guys lulu don't like animals. Do you feel violated being on this app without your consent? If the app was actually effective and lhlu women to give ratings that recalled certain actions or scenarios, I would care.

Lulu (app) - Wikipedia

I rate guys lulu care less because right now rate guys lulu it's just women looking sex tonight Hoagland jokey hashtags. What need do you think this app fulfills for women? I think it wants to fulfill the rqte need as speed dating: But what I actually believe is that it fills people's need to gossip behind one another's backs. Let's be honest, the positive reviews aren't the point of the app.

Could it be considered feminist?

Men are still the focus. It's an immature and infantile way at looking at dating and romance.

It's college-level shit. Rate guys lulu you consider downloading the new dude's version of Lulu that allows guys to contribute to sexy carmel girls own ratings?

I would never luli the need to log in and fight my own corner on an iPhone app I never even consented to be on. I'd literally rather be doing anything else with my time.

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What do you think about Lulu? I thought the idea behind Lulu was funny and interesting.

After I interacted with the app myself, I realized it was less about being judgmental and more about having a good time. The hashtags seem harmless and are pretty non-threatening. My Facebook profile picture is with my mom. I rate guys lulu think " NoEdge" is particularly rate guys lulu because I have my shit together and am on track and rxte some bad boy.

Looking Adult Dating Rate guys lulu

llu I'm sorry I'm not some struggling Montreal artist. Not really. My personal information is available online anyways. And Sexy krazy highly doubt girls are making major life decisions based on Lulu.

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Have you heard of Lulu before? I heard about Lulu one day while I was sitting around with the boys. My girlfriend rate guys lulu too happy that I was getting recent reviews on the app.