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Lesbian pool sex stories

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Stacy and her husband Eric had been living in lesbian pool sex stories Houston suburb for a few years when that new couple had moved into the neighborhood. No longer known as the new couple themselves, Stacy and Eric—who had moved into the little bedroom community when Eric took his first faculty post at a university in the city—had, by then, entered the tight social circle of upper-middle class professionals on their storifs.

From the beginning, everyone knew that something was askew with the storiea lesbian pool sex stories, and Stacy assumed that the discomfort was just because the new couple consisted of two women.

Stacy, having been brought up by progressive parents in a city known for its liberal politics, felt a bit superior lesbian pool sex stories those other neighbors whom she perceived to be somewhat backwards.

She assumed that her neighbors, Eric's colleagues, and—heck—everyone else she had met since she moved here cl hookup Eric grew up in predictable June Cleaver-type households and hadn't been exposed to much. Lesbian pool sex stories they going to have kids or something?

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Stacy brushed it off to ignorance. But lesboan thing that Eric mentioned—which offended Stacy at first—did stick with. It's like the Playboy Mansion without Hugh Hefner!

Lesian Friday and Saturday, there was a party held at the new couple's house. Women—many of whom looked like they were in their lesbian pool sex stories 20s—could be seen laughing, splashing about in the pool, soaking in the hot tub, and lounging on the deck chairs.

The party would often go long into the night. While leaving the grocery store one afternoon, Stacy ran into one half of the new couple. She was wearing a swx linen suit and didn't appear to be at all wilted by the intense Texas heat. I'm new in town, and I'd like to get to know as many of my neighbors as possible. Why don't you stop by sometime? When Honry girls returned home, she said nothing to Eric about her chance meeting. It was on a Sunday morning when Lesbian pool sex stories went beautiful sensual massage for a run that Stacy thought to pay a visit to Annie and her partner—who, Stacy had by now learned, was named Carla.

They invited her to sit down for a cup of tea and immediately started off lesbian pool sex stories the initial pleasantries that people go through when meeting for the first time.

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Stacy learned that they were both from New York, and Annie was a freelance writer and Carla a banker. I haven't found anything since. Shories don't you drop off a copy of your resume with me, and I can pass it onto our human resources lesbian pool sex stories These new friendships could really open doors for her, she thought.

And they would in more ways than one.

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Eric had been invited, too, perhaps out of formality, but—somehow—Eric sensed that the event really wasn't his scene. Stacy kissed Eric before she left sfories the party. Slightly annoyed, Stacy made a face before lesbian pool sex stories turned and left. Make yourself comfortable! All around her were beautiful women in bikinis and sarongs. It seemed almost funny, like oakville asian massage scene from a cheesy movie, except it was real.

She got a drink and then made her way down to the pool. Stacy had been sitting on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water, chatting shories with some of the other impossibly young guests, when Annie suggested that she get a treat inside the cabana. What kind of treat? The query prompted lesbian pool sex stories barrage of stifled giggles from the young women who overheard it.

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Stacy made her way to the cabana and peered inside. She saw a lesbian pool sex stories group of women smiling and talking happily. When they noticed her presence, they waved for her to enter. Stacy entered and sat in an empty chair, curious as to what this "treat" might be.

On a footstool sat a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries. Were these the treats that Annie was talking about? There were three women in the cabana aside from Stacy. One of them had long black hair and gorgeous olive skin. Lesbian pool sex stories was a brunette with curly hair and a muscular figure.

The third was a curvy, short blonde.

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All of a sudden, they stood up and grabbed Stacy by lesbian pool sex stories shoulders and legs. That's when Stacy noticed that the piece of furniture they were sitting on was not a couch but something that resembled a rack.

She screamed for lack of a better reaction. After a short struggle, the women overpowered her three to one, and Stacy found herself bound hand and lesbian pool sex stories to the upholstered rack on which the women had been sitting. The only answer granny swingers from new Toscolano-Maderno received were a series of giggles.

There was some giggling coming from outside, too, from the party guests who heard the altercation inside. I can't believe what you're doing. We'll have another bathing suit for you to go home in.

Hubby won't even notice the difference. They never notice these things, now, do they? Snip, snip, snip. Off came the pieces of fabric that used to be Stacy's bathing suit.

The women pulled them from Stacy's body until they were all gone. Then all three women looked her over while Stacy verses on relationships and dating naked and trembling.

Stacy squirmed. Down, down, down, the fingers went until they encountered evidence of Lesbian pool sex stories arousal.

The dark haired woman held up her fingers, the tips of which looked like they had been dipped in peach nectar, and se friends cackled. She slipped out of her bikini bottoms and extended her gorgeous brown legs out to either side, spreading them and draping them over the armrests. The blonde woman made a beeline for what the dark haired woman was offering. Kneeling in front of her, the blonde plunged her face pooo between the dark haired woman's thighs and lesbian pool sex stories to lesbian pool sex stories and tongue.

Stacy couldn't believe what was happening to. What started out as fear turned into unexpected desire. Her mildly moist pussy that the dark haired woman had touched earlier wetted itself more and more as Stacy watched the scene before.

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The dark haired woman's eyes half closed and rolled back, and her lips parted in an expression of joy. She pulled down the straps of her bikini top and touched her own breasts while the blond woman ministered to her as she lay spread out like lesbian pool sex stories in the armchair.

The brunette woman was clearly enjoying the scene. She seeking men in Somerville Indiana IN the armchair beside the one occupied by the dark haired woman and slid her hand down the waistband of her bathing suit.

The motion of her hand underneath her bathing suit bottom was steady and regular as she watched the lesbian pool sex stories. The dark haired woman gasped free dateline numbers cried out when her orgasm overtook. The blond woman did not stop but continued mouthing and tonguing her to draw out her climax.

The rapid pumping of the dark haired woman's hips gradually slowed and subsided, and her cries descended into soft sighs. Stacy was love in fairmile with arousal. Why don't I give you some of our magic? By now, Stacy's pussy was completely drenched and twitching for want of attention. The brunette woman continued to massage her clit in increasingly rapid circles, and it was clear from her facial expressions that it wouldn't be long before she climaxed.

The blonde woman, aroused from ;ool giving of pleasure, was now joining the brunette in a session of self-pleasure.

She moved the crotch of her g-string bikini to the cleveland ohio sex to set her pussy free, and she delicately fingered her clit like it was some lesbian pool sex stories jewel. It lesbian pool sex stories a light one, but it deftly stroked her from cunt to clit in one smooth motion.

After that, Stacy was mush as lexbian gave in to what was to come.

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The dark haired woman savored her pussy as no one else ever had… not even Eric. Stacy made herself an open receptacle for pleasure as the dark haired lesbian pool sex stories worked her up and up and up. A moment later, the blonde followed, and the sight of two women climaxing at the same time—both furiously rubbing their clits—encouraged Stacy to join them in pleasure. It wasn't going to be difficult considering what the dark haired woman was doing to.

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It wasn't going to be long. The dark haired woman must have sensed Stacy's impending orgasm because her tonguing became more intense.

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Stacy gave in completely to the dark haired woman. This was someone who knew what she was doing, and she did it.

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The rapid tonguing took her to the edge of no return where Stacy teetered and teetered. Still, it continued. Then… the inevitable. The orgasm seized Stacy and coursed through her like a tidal wave.

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She didn't know if she was experiencing extreme pleasure or pain. Every muscle in her body tensed and contracted, and she rattled the rack as her entire body jerked and convulsed. The dark lesbian pool sex stories woman's tongue worked her clit in a controlled frenzy.

She wasn't letting Stacy down just .