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Black guy whatsapp

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In black guy whatsapp times, the image wharsapp a black guy with a hat and a giant penis is going crazy on Whatsapp.

What apparently looks like a fake actually seems to be something true.

Soon, the image became viral and surpassed its spread, invading virtually phones all over the world. Black guy whatsapp, it seems that the man also appeared on a television program in Maywhere his gigantic talents are confirmed.

In short, it is still unclear whether the attributes black guy whatsapp this boy are real: After so many months, her identity was finally revealed. It is Dobbery Paul, age 32, a native of Ghanahas lived for five years in London where he works as a clerk.

In fact Paul is suffering from whatspp elephantiasis, an uncommon disorder that made him famous all over the world, making his photo the most viral of Whatsapp. The famous picture seems to have black guy whatsapp taken by a friend of his during a carnival party.

No, grazie Si, attiva. Crea sito. The Black Guy whatsapp, their identity. Vuoi abilitare le notifiche?