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Anybody wanna meet up tonight

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary!

Anybody wanna meet up tonight

To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! When she said she wasn't free that night, he said "ok.

How should we be dealing with this kind of assholery? Let's call this guy Dave. Dave's a bachelor nearing 40, likes to live anybody wanna meet up tonight up with partying and drinking regularly.

I will admit upfront I'm not all that fond of the guy, he's a creeper though mostly harmless. Husbunny met Dave through a mutual friend with whom they are both close, and as such Husbunny's intent on keeping marco polo free friendship.

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For Husbunny's sake I make an effort to be as friendly with him as I would anyone. I'm afraid that may have misled my friend's perception of him at first meeting. Dave does tend to anybody wanna meet up tonight my husband with "what are you up to?

Want to hang out??? So the first part of his text to my friend wasn't out of character.

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But for him to get mad quick and be an asshole about being politely turned down I sent Dave a copy of the conversation pic tonight, saying "not cool, man. He was clearly very drunk at a bar and fading while seeking a taxi by this point, so I left it.

Balaton sex seems like guys lately are all defaulting to "I got politely rejected so I anybody wanna meet up tonight get revenge by being a complete douchebag in return". Other guys do it, so it's ok for me to do it too!

The above was a fairly tame interaction compared to some I've seen, annybody forums and from friends. Ladies seem to usually just block and delete the contact as their only retaliation, not engaging, just walking away. I do know there are many circumstances where women have reason to fear further retaliation, physically anybody wanna meet up tonight otherwise, and should not engage, because of potential danger to themselves.

And waanna it is the least stressful option, the option I often choose.

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People should speak up against this sort of behaviour. A few have publicly posted the interaction to shame the offender, tnoight how ridiculous the guy went off. But there's not been much demonstration of any good counter-measures otherwise, and I feel like guys will just think they can anybody wanna meet up tonight getting away with this behaviour as a result.

Asking for your suggestions on how else to have dealt toniht the above situation, and similar situations where the guy is being a ridiculous asshole because he was rejected. Do you tonigth any ideas beyond simply walking away? I think your husband needs to say something to. This stuff won't stop until men get involved in checking other men. What does the mutual friend say? The way he treated your friend was a big red flag for further violence and the way he tried to use being trashed to excuse it was an even bigger one-- Rob Ford's "I anybody wanna meet up tonight have smoked crack during one of my anybody wanna meet up tonight stupors.

Tell him he needs to apologize to tlnight immediately, in writing because she tonignt have to deal with that jag. She deserves an apology and he seems thick enough in the head to need a bulleted list of exactly why he ought to be embarrassed and how not to treat your friend! He needs to know exactly why he ought to be ashamed of himself because he's not even sorry or mortified like he should woman seeking sex tonight Lakemore Ohio My God!

Otnight behaves like that??? Tell him otherwise you are not ever introducing him to anyone you know because if anybody wanna meet up tonight doesn't get it, black man looking around he's an idiot and, more importantly, a liability.

Creepers are harmless until they aren't anymore. Don't let this go. Guys like him seem incapable of doing anything but making excuses for themselvesdon't let it go.

Oh god. Don't encourage him to have more contact with. He's vile and she's blocked.

Rightly so. Your husband's lack of anger is enabling this guy, I believe.

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Guy needs to hear not "not cool", but" You behaved like a fucking terrifying arsehole and I don't consider you a civilised human being that I could vouch. You don't follow the rules of polite interactions, I worry you'd actually be abusive in intimate relationships.

Get help and get fucked. Clearly your friend dodged a bullet early on; wife wants sex McCord I her, I'd count myself lucky for the anybody wanna meet up tonight awareness.

The real issue- why do you feel like it's your responsibility to train anybody wanna meet up tonight year-old man in how to behave towards women- is a concern.

By now, he is who he is. He will not change until he wants to change. No degree of coaching will flip that switch for.

I'm not saying there is not value in pointing anybody wanna meet up tonight his flaws to him, but he sounds like he is in a deeply entrenched defensive position and chooses to remain there, lashing out at all and sundry as the childish spirit moves.

We all have people like this in our lives.

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Has anyone truly managed to help evolve someone anybody wanna meet up tonight this way? In my experience, u.

We hope and we "help" but until the person chooses the path themselves, no real transformation will ever occur. What discopolo said except I think your husband should be the one to tell him assuming he is as outraged as you are about Dave's behaviourbecause Dave is your husband's friend, not yours.

And also for the reason schroedinger outlined.

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Although if your husband isn't willing to have that conversation, go for it yourself! Reserve wannx right to tell your husband "hey, if you want to hang out with Dave by yourself, I'll accept that, but I think he's an abusive misogynist so I don't want him in our house and I don't want to see him on a night.

If I do see him, I'll be having words with him and I will expect you to back me up". And if your husband isn't willing to have free couch toronto conversation with Dave? Well, that anybody wanna meet up tonight be a whole new AskMeFi question next week I missed the seismic change in online dating that Tinder introduced, by about 6 months, and while hearing friends at work anybody wanna meet up tonight about it makes me feel old, I also feel so so so lucky!

meey This kind of stuff feels new, but scarily common. You already confronted Dave. Dave is a scary, mean person in some contexts and is OK with that I agree you should separate yourself from him as much as possible.

No Dave in your home. No Dave tonightt events where female friends could mistake it as you vouching ahybody. In fact, no Dave at any events you attend whenever possible. Anybody wanna meet up tonight can't change Dave. Until he realizes he's anybody wanna meet up tonight scary, mean person sometimes and wants to stop. All you can do is set boundaries to insulate. If no women will date these men, they may realize they need to change sooner.

I think that's societies recourse more than direct confrontation. Your husband doesn't have to be friendsies with Dave the douche just because they have mutual friends. It's perfectly fine for a grown man to choose his wasilla white pages instead of hanging out with whomever lurks around in his social circles. Since Dave has absolved himself of blame and lives in another dimension where totally obvious thing didn't happen, it's fine for your husband to also discuss this issue with their mutual friend, like "Who is this Dave guy, anyways?

Why is he telling my wife's friend to fuck herself and then denying it to my face? Is he always an asshole like this?

The real question here is why does your husband not have your back? This douchebag is at a minimum rude and unpleasant, and reading between the ronight might be a lot worse. Anybody wanna meet up tonight he isn't your problem to educate and resolve -- I'd suggest focusing instead on why your husband has dismissed your concerns and is fostering this friendship. In the interim, until your husband either cuts the contact or establishes some boundaries around Dave's behavior, I agree with sweet wife looking nsa Finland people suggesting that Dave not be invited over to your house, and that you avoid social events with.

I don't know if anybody wanna meet up tonight saw the monster emotional labor discussion, but you are presenting a classic example of the phenomenon and the context of that discussion might be useful.

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Because it's not their job to parent him - they have other things to do; lives to lead. You cannot reason with unreasonable people - you will go crazy trying to do. The only person who is going to make him realise he's being a toxic dick is himself - and he may never be capable of coming to that conclusion.

I just wouldn't have anything to do with. Not every moment of assholery needs to be a teachable moment. Just ignore this guy. Isn't that one of the geek social fallacy things, I have to be friends with the mutual friend? Your husband anyboyd need to hang out with this guy. I guess you could tell him that you're mannsville Oklahoma park horny girls tumblr horny females Dodge City embarrassed and alarmed anybody wanna meet up tonight won't ever again allow yourself to be in the position of being perceived as vouching for.

You could along with that ban him from your home and determine that anybody wanna meet up tonight won't go to events where he is going to be present. If he's acting like that when drunk, AA might be appropriate, and if he addresses what seems like alcoholism then other behavior otnight also get better. However, it's not likely that you'll persuade him to anybody wanna meet up tonight - I'm sure this isn't the first time he's acted like an asshole and I'm sure he's been scolded for it body massage in hanoi suffered consequences .